Behold, the New Web Site, with Art Auction Function


My old Blogger site is now gone. Unfortunately, Blogger just doesn’t have the resources to make it work in this current era of webbery; I was using Blogger after my site was hacked and taken down by my web hosting company and Blogger at least is very secure from hacking. 

171112_36 Jar of Sunshine still life oils daily painting study by Kevin McSherry
171112_36 Jar of Sunshine

So here it is: WordPress again, with all its functionality. Which brings me to this: To celebrate the rebirth and to learn how to use the software required, I’m holding an auction of a small still life study. ‘A Jar of Sunshine’. Oils on canvas panel 5″x 7″. I’ve set the reserve very low; at €55 to help get it started. The auction ends in 10 days.

You can bid from here or on the auction page.

171112_36 Jar of Sunshine
Ending in: 3 days 21 hours 15 minutes 51 seconds
Reserve price has not been met by any bid.

(Enter 60.00 or more)

Oils study on canvas panel. 5″x7″.  I grabbed this jar of homemade raspberry jam (my favourite) before the kids scoffed the whole lot. At the moment, I’m trying to cut down on sugar though and I have to keep away from the press where the jam is stored.

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