eBook: The Business of Illustration Meetings. Presenting Yourself. Help for Aspiring Illustrators

I wrote this book after years spent helping college students of illustration, giving them individual assessments on presentation. The college set up mock interviews, where I played the part of the client and students pitched for business.

It was a lot of fun and in the process, I learned much about how I could draw on my experience to help them become successful illustrators. So here in this book, I’ve written it all down and you can download it here. I hope it provides value to you in starting your own illustration practice, and in the spirit of free enterprise, YOU can set the price on it from within the book itself. 

It’s all done anonymously but if you want to drop me an email; feel free!

It’s a PDF, so you can view it on ANY device: iPad, Tablet smartphone, and PC.

So a huge THANK YOU for deciding to do the right thing and help fund this.  It’s much appreciated and I  sincerely hope that you get a lot from this eBook. If you have any suggestions for edits or new information, I’d love to hear from you. Get in touch! kevin@mcsherry.ie

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