Guinness Storehouse Gravity Bar Painting Project

A window-painting project i undertook in 2015, to support the bid by the Guinness Storehouse to become the European Tourist Attraction of the year. This had to be painted overnight in order not to disturb the use of the venue, so I experienced the wonderful view over Dublin as the sun set and rose again. Beautiful.

A project like this requires that the artist must know their materials: There was a tight deadline for completion so no room for error. I planned the entire project out beforehand, onscreen and selected the materials that would both suit the application AND not cause any damage to property. Using the wrong materials could cause big problems. There was also a date that the windows would have to be cleared of the art too, so removal needed to be taken into consideration.

I’ve been commissioned to paint on a variety of materials, from perspex to a child’s blackboard -all through Advertising agencies, so an expert knowledge of the best material to use is vital and shouldn’t be left to amateurs.

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