Help for you if you’re starting out as an Illustrator.
Cover of this eBook PDF ‘The Business of Illustration – How to Present Yourself’ by Kevin McSherry

This book will introduce you to likely business scenarios and help you deal with clients.

An eBook designed to help illustrators who are just leaving college or in the initial stages of their careers with the business side of their activities. Edition 2. Kind of a ‘How to be an Illustrator’ but concentrating only on some of the sales side of things. It’s aimed at students and those who have just started out on their illustration careers. There’s practical advice and helpful anecdotes from my own experience. Written and illustrated throughout by little ol’ me. 

It’s in PDF, you set the price. This is a departure for me, so I hope you’ll all go along with it. If it doesn’t help you or you think it’s crap; don’t pay for it. If it helps you at all, it will already have earned it’s keep and all I ask is a small sum of money in return. The amount entirely up to you. There are Honesty Buttons and links within the book itself so you can take a good look before you buy. Payment is so easy it’s incredible.
I hope you enjoy it and you earn millions from your artworks. Don’t forget to get in touch with  any edits or suggestions.

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