What a Strange Way to Make a Living…

So, purveyors of ‘visual assets’, Stockbyte have been sold to Getty in what must be the world’s blandest and most passionless corporate deal. Just imagine what the celebrations were like: Off to the charity shop to buy an old grey suit and shiny tie. Then down to the local greasy spoon for a slap-up feed of reheated leftovers and cola from the slop-catcher!

$135m? Double Take wouldn’t have given them yesterday’s chip wrapper for it.

Just to celebrate the deal [but not so much that we draw attention to ourselves] Double Take illustrates this article with an appropriate image. A typically charmless image of a pathetically grateful-looking handshake. That must be Getty on the left.

Mmmm – While I think of it, I have a bag of used batteries here… Mr Getty!… Mr Getty!

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