I’ve been a practising artist for over two decades.

Have a look through any of the paintings and commissions here and you’ll see my creativity at work for many businesses. I used to create editorial art and illustrations for newspapers and magazines such as The Irish TimesThe Wall Street JournalThe Sunday Business Post and many others across the world.

As a fine artist, my work has been shown at several cultural venues in France and Ireland, including as part of a juried show in La Musée des Arts Décoratifs in le Palais du Louvre, Paris. My work hangs in the British National Collection, notably in the British Embassy in Paris.

I’ve completed unique and exclusive art commissions as gifts for executives, too (please see such commissions on the Hand-Painted Personal Portraits page.

I’m represented in North America, the UK and  all other Anglophone territories by Three in a Box Artist’s Representatives in Toronto.

In France I’m represented by Marie Bastille Artists Agent

Artist Statement

I’m sorry if you’re looking for a formal Artist Statement. I haven’t read many that made much sense and the form has been devalued. My work and my CV are my statements.