Marrow Envy & Other Stories

My current exhibition, and second in the Alliance Française, was launched last night by eminent historian and broadcaster, John Bowman. The show comprises 24 framed works, the greater part of which were published in newspapers and magazines such as the Irish Times, Marketing Magazine and the Wall Street Journal.

The show runs until June 11th in the ground-floor Café des Amis. Grab some lunch and enjoy the marrows.

Thank you to my sponsors who helped to make this show such a success, including: The Irish Times, the Alliance Française, Celine Cazali of Océ Digital Printing Machines, Adam Lawrie of QPA Print and Lensmen & Associates.

Paris: Group Exhibition

Agents Associé, the organisation for French artists’ representatives will hold their first biennial group show in Paris’s Les Arts Décoratifs -a part of Le Louvre complex. I was greatly honoured to be selected by a panel of industry jurists to exhibit three artworks for the show, which is entitled: ‘Les Trésors Cachés de nos Artistes’. In other words; self-promotional, work otherwise unpublished or made purely for the pleasure of creation. The show runs for one week from 29th March to the 4th April and is located in the Louvre museum’s western wing, known as the Pavillon de Marsan.

Above is one of my artworks that will be on show. I’m delighted that this was one of the chosen pieces. It was created for the promotion of the Illustrators Guild of Ireland in a postcard campaign -and it also won the Best Self-promotional Illustration gong for 2006. It fits perfectly into this exhibition and gets the message across: The craft of illustration needs a superhero to join the battle against the depressing mediocrity of stock imagery; and who better than the childlike Pencil-Boy, the Hand-made Hero?

It’s also interesting to see the difference between the French and Irish attitudes to illustration -even amongst industry insiders such as illustrators and agents. There’s a much greater acceptance of illustration’s cultural significance in les payes francophones [perhaps it’s true for the rest of Europe, though I’ve little experience on which to draw]. Go to any French bookstore or hypermarché and there will be an abundance of bandes dessinées on display. There’s a thriving publishing industry of graphic novels and an appreciation for the artists who produce them -with an important festival dedicated to the art in Angoulême. I’ll come back to this topic in later posts. It’d be interesting to have an exhibition of bandes dessinées in Ireland; perhaps our own mini-Angoulême. Would that interest you? Hmm?

Meanwhile, Marie Bastille, my representative in France is currently very involved with organising the Trésors show -great credit to her. Vive Pencil-Boy!

New Gallery for Kilkenny

Maestro artiste-turned-impresario Roger O’Reilly [AKA Rodge] is about to open his new gallery in Kilkenny city. He has been collecting work from many sources including a selection of McSherry prints. The gallery will open on Friday 19th May [so he’ll be sweating about now] and it’s at, 1 Saint Kieran Street, in Kilkenny City. If you’re down that direction…